Synergy Automotive, Morisset  

Lic No: MVRL44482  

Customer Feedback

The service I receive from Synergy Automotive is always very good. What impresses me most is that nothing is ever too much trouble. I would recommend them to anyone.

Edna Howlett, Morisset

Synergy Automotive are always prompt and efficient with fair prices. Dennis creates a “family feel” about his business. As regular customers we feel in good hands and have no hesitation in making him our first port of call when needing auto services.

Lyell Heise, Bonnells Bay

I only come to Synergy Automotive for my car. They have excellent service, are friendly and affordable. My car always runs well and Dennis the mechanic is wonderful and always helpful.

Mikayalah McElevey-Smith, Morisset Park

We are always very happy with the service we receive from Synergy Automotive. Dennis is honest, reliable and thorough. The workshop is always clean, neat and organised. We like how Dennis knows exactly what our car needs and is thorough with his work. For example, he always checks the seatbelts, rotates the tyres and can pin point what will be needed next time which allows us to budget for it. Dennis goes above and beyond normal services and expectations. We wouldn’t take our cars anywhere else as we believe Synergy Automotive is the best. We think Dennis is a superior mechanic.

Steve and Gina Zahn, Sunshine

The service I receive from Synergy Automotive is always excellent. They are good to deal with, honest and do a great job. Dennis lets you know if there is anything extra that needs doing by ringing first. He also writes on the invoice what to watch out for next. For example if it looks like the brakes are wearing, he makes a note of it for next time. I can’t recommend Synergy Automotive highly enough.

Ross Hammond, Morisset Park

The service at Synergy Automotive is friendly, efficient and you know the job will be done well.

Julie F. Windemere Park

I have been completely satisfied with the services and inspections undertaken for my Landcruiser, Hyundai i30 and caravan at Synergy Automotive. What impresses me the most is TRUST; I can guarantee that all work has been undertaken in a thorough and professional manner.

Bob Olsen, Yarrawonga Park

I feel confident that work has been completed to a high standard and that Dennis is checking my vehicles to identify safety and performance issues. My experience at Synergy Automotive has been consistently positive. I trust Dennis to service and monitor my vehicles to a high industry standard. Dennis inspires confidence in all aspects of your interaction with him.

DR. Barry Harker, Bonnells Bay

Dennis has serviced my vehicles over a period spanning nearly a decade. He has shown personal care in my vehicles. Dennis looks beyond the reason for the actual service procedure for which my car may be receiving his attention to uncover other possible problems for which I have been most grateful, being unaware of any need for attention. Dennis has always given me the impression that he is more concerned about my car’s performance and function than his own financial well-being.

Cyril Hill, Cooranbong.

The service is always great at Synergy Automotive. The standard of work is always high and the attention to detail is impressive. They also have great communication.

Jason Barrett, Morisset

I always receive excellent service at Synergy Automotive. Dennis is always polite and courteous. He calls when my car is finished being serviced and always keeps me informed of upcoming requirements. Every interaction with Dennis has been very professional. He is a nice mechanic. The premises are immaculately clean and I am always notified when my car is due for its next service. I have referred many family members to Synergy Automotive and they are all very happy too.

Andrea Farquharson, Bonnells Bay

We have been customers of Synergy for 6 or 7 years now, we use Dennis exclusively for service on our cars and are very satisfied and have full confidence that our cars are in good hands. Honest, reliable, professional service, priced fairly.

Beth Clements, Bonnells Bay

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