Synergy Automotive, Morisset  

Lic No: MVRL44482  

What checks can you expect with every vehicle service?

We thoroughly check all steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system and underbody components, with every service.

The reason we carry out all those checks, is to accurately monitor the condition of your vehicle. This preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run because underlying problems are spotted before they have the chance to cause a breakdown, or even worse, an accident.

We may contact you recommending we replace some parts earlier than required according to your log book service schedule due to the fact that Manufacturer’s service and parts replacement intervals are generalised, and of course don’t take into account the individual needs of a particular vehicle due to varying operating conditions.

We only replace parts that require replacing.

If you don’t want all these additions to your service then please let us know. Upon request we can just do a basic oil change, minor service, or whatever is specific to your needs.