Synergy Automotive, Morisset  

Lic No: MVRL44482  

Company Profile – Synergy Automotive

Meet the Owners
Dennis & Melanie De Zordo

Synergy Automotive, Morisset is proudly owned and operated by husband and wife team, Dennis and Melanie De Zordo.

You’ll be dealing with Dennis from start-to finish. Dennis has 25+ years trade experience. He’ll answer your phone call, book you in, discuss your car,  work on it, write your invoice, explain the service and/or repairs carried out, then hand back your car keys. So there’s no chance of miscommunication.

There are no apprentices either. You’ll have a fully qualified and experienced mechanic handling your beloved vehicle from the time you drop it off, until the time you drive away. This eliminates potential errors.

Melanie takes care of the ‘behind the scenes’ work: cashflow, marketing and advertising.

Qualifications/ Training:

  • Trade Certificate in Automotive Light Vehicles 1996
  • Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence No: 44482
  • RTA Inspection Station Proprietor/Examiner Light Vehicle (October 2007)

Auto Tech Specialist instruction training clinics include but not limited to:

      • VE Commodore system operation, service, diagnosis (30/07/2009)
      • Sensor Operations and Diagnosis (6/09/2010)
      • Diagnostic Strategies and Techniques (6/9/2010)
      • Modern Vehicle Servicing (28/07/2011)
      • Service Essentials and Precautions (28/07/2011)
      • Direct Petrol Injection- Fundamentals, servicing and Diagnosis (8/12/2011)
      • Understanding Scan Tools  (20/9/2012)
      • Common Rail diesel 11 (15/11/2012)
      • Body Electrical Systems (13/05/2013)
      • Automatic Transmissions (06/08/2013)
      • Common Problems 2014 (16/07/2014)
      • Masterclass 2014.1 (08/10/2014)
      • Masterclass 2015.1 (18/02/2015)
      • Masterclass Diesel Diagnostics (01/06/2016)
      • Masterclass 2016.3 Holden Cruze & Advanced Engine Systems (30/08/2016)
      • Auto -Tech Masterclass 2016.4 New Tech Subaru (25/10/2016)

Coda Products training includes but not limited to:

      • Engine Management Systems Diagnostic Seminar: Exhaust Gas Emissions Analysis; Engine Management Sensor Inputs Diagnostics; Engine Management System Output Diagnostics.
      • Working with Scan Tools Familiarisation Seminar: Correct use of Diagnostic Trouble Codes; Interpreting Serial Data Transmissions; Using Scan Tool Active Command Functions.

Community minded:

We proudly support the Salvation Army Annual Christmas Carols at Bonnells Bay and Careflight Helicopter charities.

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