Synergy Automotive, Morisset  

Lic No: MVRL44482  

Why do we analyse Exhaust Gas?

  • During every service, your vehicle exhaust gas is analysed to ensure your engine is running at optimum levels for both performance and economy, as well as helping protect our precious environment from excess emissions.
  • If your vehicle’s exhaust gas emissions are outside optimum levels, we will inform you of this before further investigating the problem.
  • Incorrect gas levels usually indicate a problem within your vehicle’s Engine Management System, and as a result, can cost you money at the fuel bowser and/or lead to costly future repairs if the problem is left unresolved.
  • We include a printed report from our Gas Analyser every service.
  • Please be aware that very few workshops are equipped with an exhaust gas analyser due to the high cost of such equipment.