Synergy Automotive, Morisset  

Lic No: MVRL44482  

What’s included in a ‘General Service’ at Synergy Automotive?


To answer a common question posed by our valued customers, “What’s included in a general service?” the following list may assist:

Included in a ‘General Service’ at Synergy Automotive:

  • Change engine oil & filter, replace drain plug washer.
  • Check & replenish all levels including gearbox & differentials.
  • Check all lights & instruments. Check/replace wiper blade inserts.
  • Add windscreen washer additive.
  • Check & clean battery terminals. Load test battery. Check alternator charge rate.
  • Check/clean air filter.
  • Clean throttle body.
  • Check all belts & hoses.
  • Check tyres & adjust pressures.
  • Lubricate door & bonnet hinges & latches.
  • Check steering & suspension components.
  • Check/adjust all brakes & handbrake.
  • Check exhaust system & underbody of vehicle. Grease all grease points.
  • Check towing attachment. (If applicable)
  • Full scan tool code test.
  • Exhaust gas analysis.
  • Road test vehicle.

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