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Category: Frequently Asked Questions

What checks can you expect with every vehicle service?

We thoroughly check all steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system and underbody components, and rotate your tyres every service. The reason we carry out all those checks, is to accurately monitor the condition of your vehicle. This preventative maintenance… Read More

Why do we analyse Exhaust Gas?

During every service, your vehicle exhaust gas is analysed to ensure your engine is running at optimum levels for both performance and economy, as well as helping protect our precious environment from excess emissions. If your vehicle’s exhaust… Read More

What is a ‘Scan Tool Code Test’?

Modern vehicles are equipped with many electronic modules (computers) which monitor and control your engine, antilock braking systems, air bags, climate control and body control systems. (and more). These systems incorporate fault logging. This means, if there is… Read More

What’s included in a ‘General Service’ at Synergy Automotive?

To answer a common question posed by our valued customers, “What’s included in a general service?” the following list may assist: Included in a ‘General Service’ at Synergy Automotive: Change engine oil & filter, replace drain plug washer…. Read More